spore capsules

September 5, 2013Blue Moss Concert 1

8pm at the Array Space

161 Walnut Avenue, Toronto

Tickets $20  / $10

Rachel Desoer (cello), Wesley Shen (piano), and Daniel Morphy (percussion)



Darren Miller: 8 bigoted dream interpretations

8 bigoted dream interpretations is a companion piece to my other main composition from the summer of 2013 (22 bigoted dream interpretations).  Both works are instrumental trios that borrow imagery from hundred-year-old  books on dream interpretation in an attempt to cross-breed the seemingly antithetical genres of Moment Form and Programme Music.  The strange combinations of poetry, diagnosis, and prognosis found in the (incredibly racist, sexist, and homophobic) source materials have been arbitrarily “translated” into the gestures, materials, processes, and forms of the musical moments that comprise these works.

Anna Höstman: pond tree

On the north side of the mountain is a small pond, and beside it a tree. The walk back up is quite steep.

Emilie LeBel: Formica tabletop in cerulean blue

My grandmother had a kitchen table in the farmhouse with a Formica tabletop in cerulean blue.

Otto Muller: —means experiencing a [trembling] or

The line: “—means experiencing a [trembling] or” is excerpted from the notebook of the poet Jill Magi, from a page that discusses the Sanskrit word karuna. While it began as a fanciful meditation on empty space, this piece has become a consideration of the compassion and indifference of the inanimate.

Mitch Renaud: the child who thinks about fairies and believes in them (for/on F.P.)

by Alberto Caeiro a heteronym of Fernando Pessoa

The child who thinks about fairies and believes in them

Acts like a sick god, but like a god nonetheless.

For although affirming the existence of what doesn’t exist,

He knows how it is that things exist, which is by existing,

He knows that existence exists and cannot be explained,

He knows there’s no reason for anything to exist,

And he knows that to exist is occupy a point.

What he doesn’t know is that thought is not a point.