Mira Benjamin

Mira Benjamin is a Canadian violinist, researcher and new-music instigator. She performs new and experimental music, with an interest in collaboration and community-building among musicians and composers. Her practice has been informed by affiliations with Quatuor Bozzini, Philip Thomas, Martin Arnold, and the members of the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble. She commissions music from composers at all stages of their careers, and develops each new work through multiple performances. Most recently she has collaborated with Cassandra Miller, Martin Arnold, Bryn Harrison, Richard Glover, Beavan Flanagan, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Taylor Brook, and Scott Mc Laughlin. Mira co-directs nu:nord, an international community-building project that engages artists from Canada, Norway and the UK. Her PhD research focuses on microtonality in string performance practice, and is based at the University of Huddersfield.