Mitch Renaud

MR bio picMitch Renaud’s works have been performed in Canada and the United States in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, and Baltimore.

He currently resides in Victoria, where he is in the midst of an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree at the University of Victoria. A member of the Cultural, Social, and Political Thought research program, his work thinks about ontological issues to do with sound, noise, the more-than-human, Derrida, fidelity, along with mediation in sound art and music. Previously, Mitch studied composition at the University of Toronto with Gary Kulesha and privately with James Rolfe.

His music has been performed by: Quatuor Bozzini, Duo Incendium (Charlotte Mundy & Chelsea Stanoff), the University of Toronto’s gamUT new music ensemble, Jonny Smith, the Earwax Ensemble, and Greg Harrison & Michelle Colton as soloists with the University of Toronto’s junior percussion ensemble.